European profile cylinder protected

- Safety cylinder
- Key profile protected for life
- A solution for complex access

  • Description
  • Masterkey system


• Up to 19 different coding elements
• 6 main spring-mounted pistons
• Up to 12 pins positioned at 45°
• Pistons and pins in bronze or hardened steel and nickel-plated
• Protection against picking and bumping techniques
• Protection against drilling
• Cylinder body make of solid, nickel-plated brass
• Key protected for life against copying by trademark registration
• Nickel silver key resistant to wear and corrosion
• Key compatible with 125 kHz and Mifare access control

D.F english D.F_english.pdf (566.8 KiB)

Masterkey system

The D.F key is protected for life by a registered trademark protecting its special profile. It fits into a quality cylinder designed to suit the widest range of applications.

• Key delivered alone ref. D-CLE/S
• Key supplied with cylinder ref. D-CLE/C
• Pass or Master key ref. D-CLE/P