European security cylinder Dynaxys

- A patented system
- Unparalleled combinatorial power
- A pump technology
- An anti-corrosion high security cylinder

  • Description
  • Masterkey system


• 7-pin pump cylinder
• Stainless steel pins and springs
• Tappet clutch system
• Protection against bumping and picking using a compression/rotation system
• Cemented brass and steel modular cylinder
• Highly resistant to corrosion and extremes of temperature
• Suitable for Fontaine Ø 21 mm or Dény Ø 25 mm locks
• Patented key
• Brass and polycarbonate pump key
• Sliding sleeve protection

DYNAXYS english DYNAXYS_english.pdf (1.1 MiB)

Masterkey system

The Fontaine pump technology used in European cylinders gives Dynaxys the ability to achieve complex masterkey system which will last over time. This cylinder, different from others, combines proven technology with high performance features.

• Key delivered only ref.3818000.
• Extra keys supplied with the cylinder ref.3818010
• Master or partial key ref.3818050.
• Stainless steel version (ref. 2854).
• Construction cylinder.