Masterkey system

A Dény Security speciality

Since 1740, Dény Security has designed cylinders and masterkey systems for the most complex access logic (psychiatric, nuclear sectors, etc.).

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masterkey systemFlowchart

The masterkey system is a schematic representation of the different personal access authorisations to defined places. It allows:

• Premises management
• Services management
• Organising human flows

Property securityReinforced property security

Each keyholder only has access to the premises for which he is responsible.
The access limitation linked to the key makes the occupants responsible and significantly reduces the risk of theft or damage.



Property safetyIncreased personal safety

The management of flows by the masterkey system prohibits unauthorised or risky movements within the same site. Access to hazardous premises is only accessible to authorised persons.
Security personnel with a pass can access the location of an incident more quickly.
In an emergency, intervention is faster.

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Key reproduction in 48 hThe Dény Security masterkey system is also...

• Security through a SINGLE AUTHORISATION SYSTEM to make key reproduction secure.



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