High security European cylinder

- A high security patented cylinder
- A reversible and protected flat key
- A product secured by a long-term patent
- A product for a complex access logic

  • Description
  • Masterkey system

Reversible & safe

• Up to 23 different coding elements
• 9 main spring-mounted pistons
• A total of 18 pistons and hardened, nickel-plated steel or bronze pins
• Unlocking bar withdrawn by a moving part
• High level of protection against picking and bumping techniques
• Cylinder body make of solid nickel-plated brass
• Highly resistant to corrosion and extremes of temperature
• Highly resistant to drilling, twisting and tearing out
• Reversible key including a moving part positioned at 45°.
• Patented key system protected against duplication
• Key made of nickel silver, resistant to wear and corrosion
• Key compatible with 125 kHz and Mifare access

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Cylinder intended to meet the most stringent specification applied to European cylinder. This allows complex masterkey systems to be produced while providing a high level of security and convenience of a reversible key.