Autonomous badge reader

- 125 kHz - Mifare near field badge technology

- Easy to use

- Flexible management

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• 125 kHz and Mifare near field (contactless) card reader.
• ABS cover, bulk coloured.
• Controlled entry and free exit operation.
• Knob or lever handle locking device.
• Pair of two-colour indicator LEDs on front panel.
• Mounts on Fontaine type 1112 or 7931 mechanical lock having a security counter bolt.
• Autonomous product operating on LR6 batteries.
• Key operated emergency mechanical unlocking located under the cover.
• Associated INDWIN 32 computer software permitting:

- Card encoding (passes, customers and special)
- Readout of all operations performed on the software (log)
- Editing of different passes, transactions and the log
- Time management
- Display of transactions recorded at locks

C-Prox english C-Prox_english.pdf (637.5 KiB)


Mechanical characteristics :
• External unit comprising the card reader.
• Internal unit comprising the battery compartment and the locking button.
• Mounts on horizontal or vertical built in Dény Fontaine lock.
• 1/2 h and 1 h fire stop classification.
• ABS deco kit.

Electrical characteristics :
• Power supply from 4 LR6 type batteries.
• 2 year autonomy (8 to 12 operations per day ).
• Ambient temperature: - 5°C to 50°C.
• Tropicalised electronics (as option).


• Available adapted for AFORA panic bar.
• Decorative kit: in different colours.
• Knob or lever handle version.
• Different lever handle types (option).