BANK 60 DF CR4 certified Door Unit

BANK 60 DF CR4 certified Door Unit

Although the number of attacks on bank branches has reduced in the last few years they nevertheless remain spectacular in their violence. These establishments must thus take effective measures to ensure the safety of their customers and employees.

A specialist in protecting high security sites, DÉNY SECURITY has combined its knowledge with that of the AFIMÈS company, which specialises in security technology, to offer a high performance solution meeting the requirements of bank branches and other secure sites.

A CNPP tested and approved door unit

The fruit of collaboration between two security experts, the BANK 60 DF door unit comprises an armoured door designed by AFIMÈS onto which has been integrated a surface mounted motorised electric lock from DÉNY FONTAINE.

Tested at the CNPP last January, the door/lock assembly successfully passed the tests and so obtained CR4 certification. Indispensable for equipping access doors for funds transporters at bank branches and other secure sites, this certification attests that the BANK 60 DF door unit resisted attacks for 10 minutes on the bolts, the cylinder unit, the hinges and manholes (making a hole in the leaf).

A lock suited to the highest security risks

The DÉNY FONTAINE multipoint motorised electric lock allows electrical operation of the side bolts. Self protected, the lock cannot be removed with the door closed and its saw resistant bolts provide protection against any attempt to break in. The stainless steel rotary bolts can be locked in out or in position. Available in brushed stainless steel finish, the BANK 60 DF door unit lock withstands intensive use.

Suited to high security risk establishments, the DÉNY FONTAINE lock provides automatic relocking on closure and always after a time delay. A push button and knurled knob allow free exit, particularly in an emergency. An intelligent lock due its integrated electronic control board, it also has an Airlock function.

A real innovation, the frame and opening leaf of the AFIMÈS designed armoured door have been manufactured by bending 30/10 thick EZ (electro-zinc plated) sheet steel to the same plane on both faces. Reinforcing rolled channels on the opening leaf, a jemmy-proof rabbet, unhinging-resistant pins, 14 fixing points through the frame and hinges fixed on ball bearing rings complete the resistance to any door test. Peripheral air-tightness is provided by a seal on three sides and insulation by glass fibre filling.

With the new DÉNY FONTAINE BANK 60 DF armoured door already selected by references in the banking world, sensitive tertiary or industrial sites can finally be effectively and durably secured.

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