New Design of the LSS Lock

LSS multi-point motorized electric lock

As a specialist in securing access, DĂ©ny Security has recognized know-how in protecting banking institutions and sensitive tertiary or industrial sites. To respond to all configurations of these high-risk locations within the same security system, DĂ©ny Security upgrades its LSS multipoint motorized electrical lock and offers a universal solution combining high security and flexibility.

Equipped with a European profile cylinder, DĂ©ny Security's LSS multi-point motorized electric lock has 2 to 9 lateral locking points (provided by round dead bolts of 22 mm) and an anti-bounce latch


Entirely reversible without disassembly, the LSS all stainless steel lock can be adapted to any type of wood, metal, aluminum or PVC doors, large or narrow profile, thanks to its two widths of dimensions (60 mm or 90 mm).

Integrated Electronic

Intelligent thanks to its integrated electronic management board for the control of the engine or its options, the LSS lock communicates via the TCP / Modbus protocol or ethernet in order to secure the control commands. Four parameters are also configurable in potential-free contact and can be retrieved by any management system (leaf position, locked door, unlocked door, faults / selfprotection).

CR5 resistance

Combining optimal anti-intrusion performance with the need to evacuate emergency exits, the new LSS range from DĂ©ny Security also offers a CR5 resistance level according to EN 1627-EN 1630, ie a resistance time of 15 Minutes or more..