OPTIMAL HAND: Autonomous or virtual network access control system

handle controlled: Autonomous or virtual network access management system

At the APS show, DÉNY SECURITY is launching Optimal Hand, a new autonomous or virtual network access control system, a direct complement for the Optimal Lock electronic cylinder. Dedicated to establishments wanting to secure their property without constraints (banks, administrative buildings, shopping centres, etc.), Optimal Hand from DÉNY FONTAINE offers a suitable completely simple response.

The autonomous electronic lever handle

Through its advanced technology, Optimal Hand from DÉNY SECURITY is perfectly suited to securing all buildings needing numerous individual access authorisations. Offering great flexibility in use, its flexibility permits easy access organisation. High performance, it can handle complex situations, including high traffic zones, with the same reliability.

Offered in off-line or on-line versions, the DÉNY SECURITY Optimal Hand system comprises a controlled lever handle plate onto which a badge reader is integrated. So the lever handle is engaged only if the badge presented in front of the reader has the necessary access authorisations. The reader unit, the functional components, the mechatronics and the battery are located in the external handle, which allows single sided fitting of the reader from the outside. On the inside, exit remains free, but assembly with an internal plate is also possible. Using 125 kHz near field technology, Optimal Hand can be easily integrated into existing systems (alarm systems, video control, etc.). DÉNY SECURITY's Optimal Hand does not require any electrical connection and is supplied by 2 batteries with 100,000 cycles or 5 years life (if the cylinder is not used). Clever, the intelligent management of the batteries triggers and alarm in the case of a low battery.

Simplified access management

With Optimal Hand it is possible to organise different locking hierarchies to limit access to certain zones or at certain periods with 32 time slots. Easy to assign or modify, access authorisations are set up with a master badge or transfer tool (notebook type) in the off-line version, and by PC in the on-line version. Similarly, lost or stolen transponders can easily be deleted from the system. In the off-line version, Optimal Hand allows management of up to 3000 lever handles. Access traceability being an asset in control and security, Optimal Hand records the last 2000 events.

Successful aesthetics

Guaranteeing effective access security, Optimal Hand nevertheless remains aesthetic. Compatible with all European profile lock boxes, it is available in 3 colours (brass, polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel) and offered with a choice of 4 lever handles. Its modern design allows it to fit harmoniously into all configurations.

With its technology and refined design, the DÉNY SECURITY, Optimal Hand is a system that is as easy to install as it is convenient to use.


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