Optimal Lock

European profile electronic cylinder

- Access control system
- Autonomous or virtual network
- Electronic European cylinder
- Off-line or on-line operation
- Your internal assets secured without cabling

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• The Optimal Lock system is a European profile electronic cylinder using 125 kHz MIFARE, MIFARE +, and DESFire near field technology.
• The Optimal Lock is an autonomous access control without electrical connection.
• Information can be recovered on the cylinder.
• Cylinder programming is done by master badge or Notebook in the off-line version. In PC on-line version.
• Access authorisations are defined for 32 time slots.
• The system power supply is exclusively in the cylinder.
• Encrypted communications.
• Recording of the last 2000 events.
• Secure transponder.
• Can manage 3000 cylinders in the on-line version.
• Recording and traceability for the last  2000 events.
• Virtual network.
• Can be associated with a communication module for networked operation (radio-frequency).
• Lost or unreturned badges can be cancelled.
• 50,000 cycles indoors / 3 years if cylinder not used / outside  battery life divided by two.
• Compatible with all European profile lock boxes.
• Intelligent battery management (low battery alarm).
• Compatible with a tag integrated in the ring of a Dény Fontaine  mechanical key.

Optimal-Lock english Optimal-Lock_english.pdf (536.3 KiB)


Mechanical characteristics:
• Temperature range: from - 25°C to + 70°C.
• Humidity range: from 20 % to 99 %.
• Internal and outside button.
• Modulable from 5 in 5 mm.

Electrical characteristics:
• System managed by Notebook or virtual network, autonomous or networked.
• Autonomous 3.6V (1 lithium battery, 1/2 AA).
• Protection IP54.
• Electromagnetic compatibility.
• Conforms to the RTTE directive.


• On-line (radio-frequency), off-line.
• Virtual network.
• electronic 1/2 cylinder.
• Access control from 2 sides of the cylinder.
Modular length electronic cylinder  from 30/30 of 5 in 5 mm.

Option :

• IP 65

Peripherals and accessories on request:
• Key ring or bank card format badge.
• Tag can be inserted in the ring of SATYX or D.F. mechanical keys
• Logyca operating software.
• Intelligent Transponder Terminal: ITT terminal