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A historic French company!

A historic French company

A historic French locksmithing company, Dény Security is a company which operates in the French tradition, whether in the design of security solutions or in assembly of its products. Originating in the historical heart of locksmithing in the Bay of the Somme, the company has always been at the forefront of innovation, in its constant search to improve its products. Following the advent of organizational charts, the company’s founder, Charles Dény, studied the system of key hierarchies to create a security solution using safety locks.


Iconic products and sectors

With the Dény key and mechanical cylinder lock, Dény Security developed its first best-seller, by specializing in high-security master key system.
Nearly one hundred years later, all nuclear power plants and many at-risk sites are equipped with Dény locks. This requirement in terms of security is embedded in the development of specific product ranges for sectors looking for highly resistant products, such as the rail or prison sectors.


They place their trust in us

Requirements to satisfy every test

Dény Security is able to offer a range of resistant and reliable products for sensitive sectors. In the rail sector, we design products in close collaboration with SNCF, to offer tailor-made products that comply with the regulations. Our products are designed to withstand the most extreme of conditions, whether that is for regular and frequent use (as in a train) or for outside use, as for water utilities.

French expertise

This French expertise evolved with the arrival of electronics during the 1980s and magnetic cards from 2000 onwards. Focusing today on connected solutions, our Design Office works daily to offer innovative and tailor-made products to satisfy every one of your needs. With a mainly French customer base, our engineers understand perfectly the requirements and standards to be complied with in France, to bring you the most well-adapted solutions.


Production site in Picardy

Besides the expertise in our design office, our teams are also working to assemble and ship our products. From assembly to shipping, via our Quality Department, we attach specific importance to the quality of the final product. As specialists in highly specific areas such as hatch locks or emergency exits, our workshops are organized into centers of expertise, to remain productive whilst offering the best possible products.


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A team at your service

Choosing a Dény solution is a guarantee of a product assembled in France with maximum expertise and security. You can always count on help from our teams, whether that is for an order, a technical incident or advice. In France and for export trade, our commercial section is on hand to listen to you to identify your needs and to offer you a customized solution.

Technical issue?

Our hotline is available round the clock. An installation to schedule or an emergency call-out? Our team is at your disposal to attend your premises or to intervene remotely, using a software solution.

An order?

Get in touch with Sales Administration.Whatever your request, our teams will do the utmost to get you an answer.