DOMConnect® : the connected solution to all your accesses

11 June 2021


Growing strongly in recent years, the size of the global access control market is expected to grow by nearly 50% by 2025 *. Among the reasons for this phenomenon is the rise of smart buildings in which access management plays a central role. Aware of the need to offer systems capable of evolving according to uses and technologies, Dény Sécurity supplements its Optimal connected solutions with DOMConnect® and thus offers a global system combining simplified access management and unparalleled flexibility.

Optimal Ecosystem: a wide range of connected products

Complete, the OPTIMAL ecosystem of Dény Security consists of a wide range of connected locks allowing to quickly install access control on all the points to be secured in a building. Optimal Lock electronic cylinders, Optimal Hand crutches, Optimal Locker locks to secure lockers, cupboards or changing rooms… are all simple solutions to implement instead of mechanical locks.
Requiring no electrical connection or cable pulling, these fully autonomous products make it possible to deploy entry and / or exit control at low cost on all doors and accesses, even the most distant or inaccessible, inside a building, without any modification to the existing structure.
Highly adaptable, Dény Security's Optimal ecosystem solutions meet all security needs in new construction. Thanks to DOMConnect®, Dény Security now provides a reliable and scalable response to all already equipped sites that wish to strengthen their security by installing additional crutches or connected cylinders, without changing their existing system.

 La gestion intelligente des accès

DOMConnect®: the key to intelligent and simplified access management

Powerful, DOMConnect® is a security device which, thanks to the Optimal Box acting as a gateway, links all the connected solutions of the Optimal ecosystem to existing access control software, regardless of brand. Once the Optimal Box is integrated into the latter, DOMConnect® is ready for use. It then automatically connects to all doors and other accesses equipped with Dény Sécurity products via a wireless connection or a dedicated application. In addition to building management software (video surveillance, anti-intrusion, etc.) and / or access control, DOMConnect® is integrated into the latter and thus provides an overview of management building security.

From the interface of a single software, a facility manager thus coordinates and controls two different systems even more easily, without any modification of his existing installation.

A global, unique and flexible system

In addition to transforming the security of a building into a fully connected and controlled locking system, DOM Connect® by Dény Security offers great flexibility in programming badges, whatever their technology (Mifare Classic, PLUS S, Desfire, etc.), thanks to with three available modes that can be mixed indifferently for management of all accesses:

• Data on card under open protocol (OSS) to manage the entire installation using badges in which all authorization data is stored directly. This technique avoids any intervention by the manager on each door individually,


• Online for real-time and remote programming of all connected devices from the access control software,


• Offline directly using the DOMConnect® App compatible with all Android smartphones with NFC functionality. It is then used as a configuration and programming tool between the locking devices and the access control software. Then simply present the smartphone in front of the connected lock to update the rights and retrieve the history of events.


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