Complete solutions to facilitate the evacuation of people in the establishments open to the public

8 July 2020


In establishments open to the public, one of the obligations relating to the protection of people is to guarantee their safe evacuation in the event of fire and / or crowd movement. Defined by standard EN 1125, it requires that all emergency exits be fitted with exit doors that are always free, in the direction of exit. To meet this requirement, Dény Security already offers a range of solutions. Today, the company is enriching its offer with éO, a complete range of anti-panic locks and outside exit device that combine innovative design and optimal security.

Serrure pour issues de secours



Panic device éO: a reliable answer to the highest demands

To provide quick and safe evacuation in an emergency, the new éO range from Dény Security consists of locks with 1, 2 or 3 locking points and is available in a cross bar and Push Bar version. Complete, it also incorporates an EN 179 approved exit PAD for securing semi-fixed leaves.
Fire rated as standard, all models are EN 1125: 2008 certified to the highest level, with successful endurance tests over 300,000 open / close cycles. With a high quality of design, the cross bar benefits from a high resistance, an essential asset in the event of a panic situation when several people rush towards a door to open it.

Guaranteeing performance and durability, the range of locks for éO emergency exits from Dény Security meets the highest requirements of all buildings exposed to the risk of crowd movement, whatever the sectors and their size (airports, schools, hospitals , hotels, cultural and leisure spaces, etc.).

New antipanic range


ÉO emergency exit closing: a universal and aesthetic solution

With their contemporary design and elegant gray aluminum finish, the éO range panic locks blend harmoniously with all types of 1-leaf or 2-leaf doors, in aluminum, PVC, metal and wood.

Reversible lock:

Reversible without dismantling thanks to a symmetrical mechanism, they are equipped with cases with reduced width. The assembly thus offers great installation flexibility and ease of implementation, on the right and on the left, even on narrow profiles.

Complies with standard EN 1125:

In accordance with the requirements of standard EN 1125, the bars of the éO range can be easily cut, without any new adjustment of the mechanism, to cover at least 60% of the width of the door and remain easily accessible.To provide a comprehensive response to all projects, DÉNY SECURITY also offers outside exit device allowing access from the outside:

  • mechanical outside exit device with handle, knob or rotary handle version which can be locked by a round or European profile cylinder,
  • electrical outside exit device to control the bars of the éO range in complete safety.

Compatible with market access controls:

Compatible with all access control systems on the market, they are available with handle or knob version and offer the possibility of adding an emergency opening via a mechanical cylinder (round or European). Supplied with 12 or 24 VDC, these electric outside exit devices can perform a free access function.

Easy installation:

Note, like all panic locks in the éO range, the external operations are also fully reversible to facilitate their installation.

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