LSS Range: Dény Security

1 February 2017


LSS Range: Dény Security presents the newly designed LSS lock offering high security and unparalleled flexibility

Equipped with a European profile cylinder, Dény Security's LSS multi-point motorised electric lock has 2 to 9 lateral locking points (consisting of 22 mm round deadbolts) and an anti-bounce half-turn latch. Guaranteeing a high level of security, it automatically relocks on closure after a time delay.

Fully reversible without disassembly, the LSS stainless steel lock fits any type of wooden, metal, aluminium or PVC door, with either wide or narrow profile, thanks to its two widths (60 mm or 90 mm). Surface mounted, it comes in three versions:

  • standard where the interior handle activates only the half-turn latch, ideal for use in professional establishments for example,
  • with free exit from the inside, by handle or green illuminated push button,
  • locked with controlled handle on the inside.

Combining optimal anti-intrusion performance with the need to allow evacuation through emergency exits, the new LSS range from Dény Security also offers CR5 resistance according to EN 1627-EN 1630, i.e. a resistance time of at least 15 minutes.

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