New Satyx Twin cylinder: double security for complex masterkey system

27 May 2020


Helping to ensure the protection of sites with a strong security involvement, the masterkey system is a schematic representation of the access authorizations of different people to defined places. A recognized player in this field with nearly 50,000 open masterkey system since its creation in 1740, Dény Security is expanding its range of mechanical cylinders with Satyx Twin®. Equipped with a 2 in 1 or site key function, it offers a new dimension of security to the most complex masterkey system.

Cylindre Européen Satyx Twin


SATYX Twin®, high security and reversibility

Responding to the security needs of the most demanding applications, the Satyx Twin® mechanical locking system from Dény Security has many technical elements that not only give it optimal protection against illegal copies but also high resistance to all types of break-in (picking, bumping, drilling, tearing, etc.).

Specially designed to withstand the most violent attacks and the fine opening, the reversible flat key incorporates two independent moving parts. Patented until 2036, this process, combined with the large cutouts of the key grooves, considerably reduces the risk of illegal reproduction.
Equipped with 10 pins mounted on springs, the European mechanical cylinder has up to 24 different coding elements thus offering a very high combinatorial power. Enough to secure the most sensitive buildings!

Thanks to the materials chosen for their manufacture (nickel silver and solid nickel-plated brass respectively), the key and cylinder are highly resistant to corrosion, wear and extreme temperatures.

Classified EN1303: 2018-28, the Satyx Twin® locking system from Dény Security finally has the advantage of being compatible with 125 Khz and Mifare electronic access control systems.

New Satyx Twin

SATYX Twin®, a 2 in 1 system

Specialist in masterkey system, Dény Security foresees the possibility of key loss or theft from the outset. This is the reason why the Satyx Twin® system is equipped, as standard, with the 2 in 1 function or site key.
In the event of a lost key, this feature restores the security of the masterkey system. With the help of a new set of keys that cancels and replaces all those in circulation, it is possible to re-encode the cylinders. The clever 2-in-1 function is also economical because it avoids having to change the entire access control system: only the keys required for recoding are billed.
This 2-in-1 function is particularly useful on construction sites. During the whole construction, only the master key works to temporarily allow the opening of the cylinders already installed. Once the building is completed, all the cylinders are re-encoded using the final master key so that all the keys in the masterkey system become active. The site key then instantly loses its function.

European Flat Twin® cylinder

To meet the security challenges of all applications, including organizations requiring a high level of security at a controlled cost, Dény Security also offers the new Flat Twin® locking system. Very reliable, this solution has many features common to the Satyx Twin®, without the 2 in 1 function.

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