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45530 3-point blast lock

3-point blast lock for Dény cylinder intended for SEVESO-type risk sites. This lock can be installed, for example, on anti-blast doors, armory doors, explosives depots.
The lock is operated by a push bar on the inside and by a handle on the outside.
The lock can be locked with a key.
Many adaptations are available on request (electric locking).


  • Resistant lock, for very heavy doors
  • Exit by pushbar
  • Anti-corrosion treated
  • Applications: Blast door Sensitive site Armory Explosives depot SEVESO sites

Suggested application of use

Industrial, Plants


Technical features

Lock Application TypeRim Lock
Locking Points3 points
Locking TypeRound Cylinder Deny
Closing MechanismMechanical
Locking ElementsDeadbolt & Latch
Special Security FunctionsFree Exit
Deadbolt OperationStandard

Case FinishSteel
Deadbolt ShapeRound
Deadbolt MaterialChrome Steel
Deadbolt DimensionDiamètre 24 mm
Deadbolt Throw (mm)18
Latch MaterialChrome Steel

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