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Satyx Twin High security cylinder with two independent moving parts

High security patented reversible key cylinder, it is designed to withstand the most violent attacks and fine opening.

Its reversible key provides optimal user comfort.

Patented, it is copy protected until 2036. The two independent moving parts protect the key from illegal copying.

The cylinder enables the most complex masterkey system to be produced. It provides optimal security thanks to its many internal elements protecting against the techniques of picking and bumping. Very resistant to physical attacks such as drilling or the use of chisels, it makes it possible to secure the most sensitive buildings.

The site key option is ideal for optimizing large jobsites. A key is used for the construction phase. When the building comes into operation, the final keys cancel the site key.

The "2in1" option allows you to re-secure the masterkey system if a key or a master key has been lost using an emergency key.

The Satyx Twin is a cylinder whose mechanical qualities ensure incomparable safety for very long years.


  • Independent mobile elements protecting the key against illegal copying
  • Patented until 2036
  • Certified according to EN 1303: 2015
  • Possibility of a site key mode under masterkey system on request
  • "2 in 1" function on request. If a key is lost, it is possible to reset all or part of the installation.
  • Compatible with Dény electronic access control systems
  • Possibility of special finishes on request to match the decorative hardware
Reversible Key System
Grand Master Key System
Anti Bump Protection
Anti Pick Protection
Copy Protection
Registration Card
Single Coded
Master Key System

Suggested application of use

Airports, Education, Exterior doors, Financial, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial, Medium to Large Sized Businesses, Small to Medium Sized Businesses


Technical features

Trademark ProtectionYes
Key TypeReversible Key System
Registration CardYes
Total Number of Locking Elements21
MKS PossibilitiesMaster Key, Single Coded, Grand Master Keyed
Anti Pick ProtectionYes
Anti Bump ProtectionYes
Anti Drill Core ProtectionYes
Anti Snap ProtectionNo
2 in 1 FunctionYes
Construction Key FunctionYes
Standard Warranty1 Year
Maximum Number of Lateral Elements10
Maximum Number of Upper Elements9
Number of Active Locking Elements11
Number of Ant Bumping Elements8
Number of Anti Picking Elements8
Number of Moveable Elements2
Number of Passive Elements10

DIN 18252:2006 Rating 
Key Patent ProtectionYes
Key Patent Until (year)2036
System Patent ProtectionYes
System Patented Until (year)2036
Trademark ProtectionYes

Standard FinishMatt Nickel
Standard Housing MaterialBrass
Number of Keys0
Key MaterialNew Silver
Standard CamDIN

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