Installation & maintenance contracts

The guarantee of confidence in and reliability of our solutions

The guarantee that comes from a single supplier!

Who better than Dény Security to install its products?

This way, we offer you peace of mind, by offering to install our products on site.

Our teams are present across France and able to install our products and put your installation into operation, using your existing access points.
This way, you will only have to deal with one supplier, and you have the peace of mind of the manufacturer’s guarantee.
Experience and advice, fully focused on the sole business of access control - we give you the efficiency and confidence you need.

Maintenance contract

Without maintenance, sooner or later technical faults may arise, paralyzing the operation of your systems.

Accordingly, we offer you a number of options for maintenance contracts that guarantee you the technical expertise of our teams, along with options for servicing and preventive or remedial maintenance of your equipment.

By taking out maintenance contracts, you have a guarantee of compliance with the requirements of the standards applicable to your installation, primarily regarding all arrangements for emergency exits, a guarantee of the availability of our spare parts kits, and a guarantee of the availability of our dedicated team.
A contract for a 24-hour on-call system is similarly possible, subject to certain conditions.

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