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In order to make it easier for you to implement, care for and maintain our products in situ, our training center based at our production site offers specific training for you. Led by a dedicated team specializing in teaching and education methodology, these training courses - devoted to products for the correctional facilities sector - take place over two consecutive days.

Held in a relaxed environment, our training is free, and lunch - provided by Dény Security, is an opportune time for informal exchanges. The only costs to be met by participants are the costs of travel and accommodation. During this session and depending on the module chosen beforehand, mechanical and electronic products are described and analyzed in detail for you, with practical training completing the offer.

Modules offered

  • Module 1: Mechanical locks + Locks 21300, 29300, 21900, 21910 and their derivatives.
  • Module 2: Mechanical locks + Locks 21930, 21937 and their derivatives.

Please note that this training does not include SWINACCESS supervisor training. That training is offered separately.

Please contact your regional representative for further information.

For all information, contact Ms Delphine BOILEAU on