The Dény key

Highly resistant to corrosion and dust

A heritage of innovation

The Dény key and cylinder lock were invented and created by the company’s founder of the same name, Charles DÉNY, in around 1890. This invention, which was unprecedented in its time, is based on a reversible double bit key and a purely mechanical cylinder with no spring or pin, but solely comprised of fitted keys.

Unrivaled combination power

The Dény circular cylinder offers the highest combination power on the market. In fact, the 621 possible combinations are a guarantee that your master key locking system will be totally unique. Additionally, this capacity makes it possible to organize and impose a hierarchy for even the most complex of buildings, and also to plan for possible extensions to the masterkey system right from the start of the project.

A patent that remains in force

The innovations and technical improvements made to Dény keys and cylinders from their outset mean that they come as guaranteed patented products that cannot be copied. In other words, the manufacture or reissue of keys and cylinders can only be sourced from our factory, thus guaranteeing you additional protection for your masterkey system, and an assurance of being able to use that masterkey system for the long term.

A hard-wearing cylinder

The cylinder lock, thanks to its unique design with a static filter, reduces the number of mechanical interactions, making it particularly hard-wearing.
Perfectly adapted for hostile environments, such as corrosive or dusty environments, the Dény cylinder lock will ensure trouble-free locking of your access points. Tested to over 3 million operations (even though the standard only calls for one million), the Dény cylinder lock is particularly well-adapted for intensive and regular use.

Advantages of the Dény masterkey system

Dény Security is the specialist for hierarchical masterkey system. Its expertise goes back to 1740, the year the company was founded. We work in direct partnership with the end-user, via a commercial network operating throughout France.

Drawing up the masterkey system is free, whatever its size and complexity. Orders are shipped carriage free from just €1. Technical and sales assistance is free.

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