Advantages of the Dény key management chart

A Dény Security specialism since 1740

Since 1740, Dény Security has been designing cylinder locks and master key system for the most complex of access logistics (psychiatric sector, nuclear sector, airports, etc.)

Strengthened security for assets

Each keyholder only has access to the areas for which he/she has a responsibility. The restriction on access linked to the key makes those working in any area more conscious of security, and significantly reduces the risk of theft or damage.

Increased staff security

Managing the flow of people using a masterkey system prevents unauthorized movement or access to at-risk spaces within a site. Access to hazardous areas is only permitted for authorized persons. Security personnel with a pass can access the site of an incident more quickly.

Advantages of a Dény key management chart


Heightened security thanks to a unique system of authorization, to guard against key copying.

Delivery deadlines

Copying & shipping of keys in 48 hours.

Free delivery

Carriage is free, regardless of the amount of the order (for mainland France and Corsica).

Inclusion in a masterkey system

Inclusion in a masterkey system is free. No surcharge is applied, whatever the scale of the chart.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance from our commercial section in creating and implementing your masterkey system.

Technical section

A web service allowing you to view your masterkey system and download it.

Let’s create your key management chart together



During meetings at your premises, we will listen to you and take account of all your needs, constraints and specificities.


We map every nook and cranny of your premises, along with how your organization operates. We translate this into a full masterkey system.



Once production is completed, it is time to install your masterkey system. We can also undertake installation with our team, if you want. Extension to themasterkey system.

Support master key system


We remain by your side to maintain the integrity of your masterkey system throughout the years that follow, and we can help you to grow it in parallel with your organization.

They place their trust in us

Online key set management

Those enjoying the benefits of a Dény key masterkey system can subscribe to our key set management software.

This software focuses on managing sets of keys, and makes traceability of key sets easier. The master locking key software is not installed on your computer, but on secure servers at Dény Security.

You are not required to make any IT changes to install the software. You can access your master key system from any computer with an Internet connection.

Your masterkey locking system is saved on our servers. So you do not need to enter this information to use the service, because we have done it for you. All you need are your access codes.


1. A masterkey system that is always up-to-date

When you modify your masterkey system, for example by adding extensions, these modifications are automatically updated and available on your software keys.

2. Your information, available with 1 click.

The diagram for your masterkey system, the dockets for keys and passes, and the authorizations linked to them are available in your personal area.

3. Your data, secured

Your data is stored on our secure servers. You will therefore not risk losing any data in the event of the loss, theft or replacement of your computer.

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