Dény Smart Locks

Connected solutions: NFC & BLE

The market for connected solutions is in full expansion. If advances in technology are behind innovative and novel products, the change to usage habits caused by the digitalization of society is an essential factor behind the appearance of such solutions. This is not without good reason: connected devices allow us to respond to real life problems - safety, economy, time-saving and comfort.

Connected objects: everyday allies

The automation of certain tasks seems obvious once they are adopted such as the sounding of an alarm in offices at the end of the working day. Connected objects also respond to a need for mobility with remote control and a data log available at any time. We can offer you several options whether you are running a small business (SME, practice, vacation rental, housing) or a large hotel complex.



Smart lock for small businesses

Discover our plug & play solution for totally simple unlocking/locking of your door. Dény Tapkey is a smart euro cylinder which communicates with your smartphone over NFC & BLE for optimum security. Most smart locks use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, while our product offers you a high level of security thanks to a strong level of encryption.

As with all our mechanical products, the Dény Tapkey cylinder is reliable and robust and lasts a long time without failing. This solution is flexible as it can be programmed remotely from your smartphone using the Tapkey application. Configure your access points and keep track of comings and goings wherever you are with only a few clicks. Nothing could be simpler!

Dény Tapkey is ideal for securing a small business or professional premises such as an architect's practice or even a private house whether it is a vacation rental or a main residence.

The smart lock for maximum security in the hotel

In extensive hotel-type premises or hotel complexes, it is essential to have a reliable access control system that is easy to use for both guests and staff alike. Our range of electronic security pass readers allows you to benefit from a secure locking system which is both modern and elegant by design. The configuration of your system adapts to usage patterns in real time.

You can grant or revoke access at any time according to the number of guests or staff turnover.For staff, it's possible to set access rights according to predefined time periods and authorized locations. You have neither a limited number of users nor access points, you can configure a custom-made system to respond to any requirements. This locking solution suits the largest hotel complexes with several wings or separate buildings to be secured.

Smart lock for hospitality

Smart handle-operated lock for SME and large companies

Whatever your requirements, Optimal Hand lever-operated electronic locks can suit all architectural designs and comply with safety regulations. With four different types of lever-operated designs and the choice of two cap colors (black or white), you can create the model that suits you. Furthermore, thanks to a multitude of possibilities in the Optimal Hand lever-operated range, these can be integrated perfectly into the management of your access control system.

Smart doors handles lock

Smart locker locks

Imagine being able to benefit from all the functionality and connectivity of your Optimal security ecosystem on applications other than doors, e.g. lockers, desk drawers, catering dispensers or even cabinets. With its modularity and versatility, this lock can adapt to any requirements for locking your office furniture. As an intelligent device, it is connected to and compatible with all other Optimal solutions, allowing you to have ultimate control over your entire organization.

Smart lock for locker

Possible uses of Smart Locks

Holiday lettings & Airbnb

Shared offices & Co-working

Businesses & SME/SMIs

Town halls & local authorities

Our connected solutions

Whether you run a small or large establishment, Dény Security always has an access control solution for you.

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