Aéroports de Paris

A fundamental security issue for an airport

In a piece of major infrastructure like an airport which receives very large numbers of visitors, emergency exits are one of the most highly sensitive of all access points.

The ADP group therefore set itself the aim of upgrading and maintaining all of its UGCIS equipment (centralized emergency exits) to a high standard around the perimeter of their airport at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, near Paris.

Dény Security submitted a bid for the tender, mobilizing all of its technical expertise to meet this major security challenge.

Demanding requirements for equipment maintenance

Aéroports de Paris drew up a precise set of technical specifications with notable requirements such as:

  • Guarantee of total availability of equipment function;
  • Implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance of hardware, particularly through troubleshooting services;
  • Ability to bring all emergency exits up to the identical standard;
  • Finally, and most importantly, an on-call service guaranteeing total availability.

The custom-made solution from Dény Security

In order to best meet these requirements, Dény Security proposed a complete custom-made solution. Framework agreements were set up, including a maintenance contract. It was in this context that a new Centralized Emergency Exit Unit was installed, along with SLB4 locks on the emergency exit doors.

Technician and telephone on-call service

One to two technicians are stationed permanently at the site in order to check, maintain and, where necessary, repair this hardware. Routine inspection of the hardware installed before repair is carried out at the Dény Security production facility at Saint-Blimont in northern France. The availability of technicians is accompanied by a technical hotline and telephone on-call service available 24/7.

Pro-active advice

The contract includes a guarantee to carry out 1st level corrective maintenance once per year as well as a process review. The organizational aspects of the project were considered in particular detail in order to provide ADP Group with a reliable and perfectly adapted solution. There is particularly close collaboration between the various internal design offices, and Dény Security is committed to using its expertise to play a role as pro-active advisor.

Single point of contact

As the client, ADP benefits from having a single point of contact for all services, as this facilitates quick turnarounds on an everyday basis and especially helps keep down the costs of maintenance and after-sales service. This collaboration has been properly structured with, for example, a monthly meeting scheduled between representatives of ADP Group, top management and Jean-Yves Henriot (in charge of overseeing the work) in order to monitor the progress of current operations and constantly improve overall service levels.

Services best suited to infrastructure operators

Just like ADP, operators in all types of sectors have to meet strict requirements in terms of safety and security and are therefore looking for optimized service provision in this area.

To meet this need, Dény Security ensures that all its equipment is installed by qualified personnel. Technicians are trained in the maintenance of high technology (IT equipment) as well as low technology (locks) fitted to Emergency Exits.

A dedicated contract manager is the client's single point of contact. Ensuring good commercial and technical relations between the parties, the contract manager oversees the technicians present on site and their maintenance work, advises them and prescribes the most suitable maintenance products for a particular project.
The contract manager also negotiates with the site about whether to install brand new or renovated equipment. The contract manager acts as the main interface for issues of security and after-sales service.

By engaging Dény Security in 2009 to maintain and service its emergency exits, the Aéroports de Paris Group chose to put its faith in a collaboration which would ensure its equipment was future-proofed over both the short- and long-term.

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