Security in Secure Lobbies

How can I protect a bank’s secure technical enclosure?

What is a secure technical enclosure?

A secure enclosure (French: enceinte technique sécurisée, ETS) is a reinforced area protecting access to an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and to its loading hopper, within a bank.

Generally, a secure technical enclosure comprises two doors, one opening to the street and the other into the bank.

Who has access to the secure technical enclosure?

Only those persons with authorization via a pass, via access control or with a secure key can enter the secure enclosure.

In the main, two categories of staff can be identified:

  • Cash transporters or ATM re-stockers, entering via the external access to refill the machine with banknotes.
  • The bank staff access the enclosure from inside the bank to recover items placed in the secure technical enclosure.

However, this is becoming increasingly rare, as banks want to isolate and protect their staff and are therefore denying them access to the secure technical enclosure.

Photo credti: Doortal

What are the security needs?

Given its function within the bank and the sums of money held there, the secure technical enclosure should be equipped to the maximum level of security, particularly for the street access point.

A banking decree requires establishments, where possible, to install a transporter lobby from the street side of the secure technical enclosure.

The aim is to protect cash transporters or ATM re-stockers in the event of a ram-raid.

With a transporter lobby:

In this case, the door locking assemblies, fitted with a high-security multipoint lock, should be certified to RC4 and/or RC5 under the EN1627 standard, a certification obtained following a range of tests carried out by an CNPP-type independent official body. A majority of these doors are now fitted with a motorized lock, thus enabling increased security and permanent monitoring of the lock.

Where no SAS is fitted:

In instances where, for architectural reasons, an entrance lobby cannot be created, a RC5 class anti-ram door should be installed. With this fitted, the area allows the various people operating inside it to be able to work in total security.


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