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Ensuring the security of at-risk sites

Security is an important issue for a site considered at-risk and it is essential to have an overall security solution for both people and property.

The nature of at-risk sites can vary from prisons and nuclear power plants to sensitive industrial facilities. Our team carries out a personalized assessment so we can offer you a security system best suited to your needs.

Sensitive sites, secondary access points and reception halls, each specific feature of the establishment must be taken into consideration when designing an effective security system.

Access control

To strengthen security, you will also need to control access. Depending on how your site is structured, you will have to allocate specific access rights in order to ensure everyone is secure. You can set up an electronic system which keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing movements. We can also offer connected solutions that you can consult from wherever you are.

Sécurité dans le secteur pénitentiaire | Dény Security

A recognized expertise

With its experience and know-how, Dény Security has been present in the penitentiary sector for more than 50 years in France and more recently also for export.

Thanks to its expertise but also to its work in close collaboration with the prison authorities (DAP, DISP, prison establishments) to provide effective solutions adapted to the specific needs of each prison establishment, Dény Security is a key player in this sector.

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