How do I renovate an access control system in a hospital?

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How do I renovate an access control system in a hospital?

In specialist healthcare establishments such as psychiatric hospitals, there is permanent mixing of patients, care personnel and visitors.
Given the vulnerable members of the public accommodated there, these hospitals are governed by strict security standards, where the security challenges are particularly important. This is evidenced, for example, by news of the escape of a patient from the Specialist Hospital Center in Auxerre on April 29, 2019.

Adapted security systems

To optimize security in psychiatric facilities, several options for security systems are possible, depending on the needs and the structure. In fact, security requirements vary even within a hospital, and Dény Security offers a wide range of products to respond to this:

  • Motorized strike plates to be fitted to doors in the least sensitive areas.
  • Motorized electrical locks to be installed on patient bedroom doors, with the capability for customized personalization according to the specific requests of the hospital.
  • Motorized electronic locks, particularly model 20415, to secure doors opening to the outside.
    SLB4 locks (approved under NF S61-937), ideal solutions for emergency exits and swing doors. In compliance with security standards relating to fire and evacuations, our active security devices with automatic closure make it possible to create a security lobby between swing doors thereby isolating 2 areas or departments.
  • 1- and 3-point motorized locks for securing doors in the most sensitive locations requiring a maximum level of security, such as pharmacies or IT server rooms.

“Solutions that are more financially attractive, more flexible and more secure”

Michel Savoire

Monitoring all access points

Healthcare establishments feature large movements of people: patients, visitors and medical staff with different functions, and with differing access authorizations. According to the various areas in the hospital, the range of entry controls from Dény Security allows you to delimit each area, using a suitable level of security. Psychiatric hospitals can therefore configure suitable access for each individual, to make certain areas accessible to all, and to restrict other rooms to medical staff.

Dény Security develops dedicated IT software for access control. These enable hospitals to manage a complex security system, thanks to an overview of the entire key management chart: on the one hand, on passes with magnetic strips and, on the other, on proximity passes.

This global control of access points within the hospital is an effective means of simultaneously preventing intrusions and escapes by patients with sensitive pathologies, or those hospitalized under secure conditions.

In sensitive healthcare establishments such as psychiatric hospitals, the security of each individual is a vital precondition for a calm environment. Dény Security solutions guarantee this optimum level of security, in order that the medical professionals can operate in the best conditions, and offer a good quality of care to patients.

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