Security of residents in a care home

Monitor security of residents via access control

Care Homes: How do I improve security for residents?

Care Homes, or EHPAD in France, have the task of supporting frail people in all their overall needs including, in particular, their accommodation. In this context, the safety and security of residents is a crucial responsibility incumbent on all healthcare establishments. What measures can be taken to improve security?

Card readers on internal and external doors

Numerous care homes only use a mechanical access control system, and any lost keys can easily lead to a break-in. Dény Security is proposing to fit various doors with near-field card readers in order to secure the doors whilst still taking into account the need for staff and residents to move around.

The range of solutions offered by Dény Solutions can easily be adapted to the specifics of different doors. A remote near-field reader could therefore be installed by an automatic glass door leading to the outside, with security passes configured according to each person's security level. Besides the members of staff, families who visit frequently could also benefit from being allowed access, at the discretion of the nursing home.

As for internal doors (utility rooms, offices, kitchens,etc.) which see a lot of traffic, standalone readers controlling entry, but allowing open exit, could be the preferred option. Their undeniable read quality and traceability provide excellent access frequency management (up to 200).

Control your access points with dedicated software

Flexible and future-proof, Dény Security's access control software allows you to centralize all your hierarchical management data. With its very intuitive operation, this software is easy and quick to learn, particularly for programming or wiping security passes in the event of loss, thereby limiting the risk of theft. The office in which the access control software is located can also be secured, for example by installing a Euro cylinder on the door.


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Strengthen security of access points with a sloping gradient

Ensuring the safety of residents also means securing certain access points where there is a risk of falling, such as those with a sloping gradient. These types of access points become even more dangerous for elderly people in the event of a fire. To respond to this double problem, motorized locks for emergency exits can be installed on all doors leading upstairs. This solution also allows you to be fully compliant with fire safety and emergency exit regulations.

The security systems offered by Dény Security therefore allow you to strengthen the safety and security of care homes effectively, by adapting to the specific needs of each establishment. These innovative and intuitive solutions support the staff as they look after the residents, so that the residents (and their families) can enjoy a reassuring and pleasant environment.

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