How to design a tailor-made lock?

Design of a new lock with Dény Security's design office

Numerous clients call on us for specific development work. This means we have to grapple with a precise set of issues and quickly provide them with a solution.
In the rail sector, train manufacturers are some of our best clients. We received a request from a BE project manager to design a new lock destined to be installed in the cabin door of some new regional train sets.


Defining technical specifications

As a BE project manager, our client designs components used in trains, underground railways and tramways. Locking systems have to be integrated into these sub-assemblies, particularly for doors, hatches or even for technical cabinets. To do this, a precise set of functional technical specifications is defined. This document will be our roadmap at both a technical and practical level.

This step allows us to establish the client's constraints and requirements such as functional needs, interfaces and volumes allocated, delivery timescales and costs. The client sets out their expected functionality but also their project schedule. If we are unable to offer an existing product, we engage in a design process for a product to which all the steps will be associated (design reviews, prototype validation, etc.).

Dény Security expertise

Our team becomes involved in order to provide the client with all the required advice and recommendations. The functions expected by the different locking systems in a train are numerous and this is why the BE project managers would like to call on Dény Security expertise. With strong experience in the rail sector, we bring real added value to the delivery of projects such as train design. Committed to innovation, our teams are able to offer solutions which meet all technical prerequisites but also meet current standards such as our solutions for people with reduced mobility. We are always listening and can provide the best advice to our clients throughout the production process.

A partner you can trust

Thanks to our significant product catalog, Dény Security benefits from a wealth of experience and can design new products which meet the highest technical standards, all tested in extreme conditions (endurance tests, climatic tests, etc.). Each project stage involves several validation milestones for the client: 3D design, integration into sub-systems, etc. Once all the components have been validated, the prototyping phase is launched to confirm product performance levels and will lead into the production phase.

Reactivity and reliability

In projects as complex as train design, our client needs reactive and reliable teams: I am relying on the skills brought by Dény Security, a well-known player in the rail sector. Often beset by delays, it is important to be able to rely on reliable and responsive partners.

Experience and know-how

For more than 40 years, we have been working hand-in-hand with the major players in this sector to offer strong and competitive solutions. Our knowledge of the sector allows us to identify reliable suppliers who are familiar with the sector's needs and requirements. What is our service's strong point? Flexibility! Our teams are always listening to the client and can respond quickly to any adjustments required by the client, while still keeping to required deadlines.

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