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In the current climate, safety takes a prominent place in the priorities of schools. Guaranteeing the safety and ensuring the protection of students and staff without altering the quality of education is a daily challenge for educational teams. Thanks to our technical expertise in access management on masterkeysystem, we offer you a personalized security system to find serenity and security within your structure.

In schools, several types of people meet, each with different access rights. Parents are only invited to drop off their children and go to certain meetings, students have access to classrooms, toilets, the canteen and relaxation areas, and teachers have a room reserved for them with or not an individual office.

The electronical solution

Access control is an effective method to manage access to sensitive areas and to prevent unauthorized intrusions. Nevertheless, several steps must be followed in order to implement effective access management in a school.

Identification of Sensitive Areas: Identify sensitive areas of the facility, such as classrooms, labs, libraries, administrative offices, storage areas, etc. These areas should be the only ones accessible to authorized persons. 

Access control system planning: Plan the installation of an access control system for access doors to sensitive areas. This system may consist of electronic locks, access cards, access codes, or other security devices. 

Distribution of cards or access codes: Distribute cards or access codes to authorized persons only. Students, staff and visitors should all have different access cards or codes, with different levels of access, depending on their needs. 

Card and access code management: Establish a process for the management of cards and access codes, including issuance, deactivation and replacement in the event of loss or theft.

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The mechanical solution

Key management in a college can be complex due to the variety of areas to be secured and the people who need access to those areas. A masterkey system can help organize key distribution and control access to sensitive areas. Here is an example of a mastekey system for a school: 

Master passes: MPs are usually held by the college administration or security officer. They are used to access all sensitive areas including classrooms, administrative offices, laboratories, library, etc. 

Submaster pass: SPs are used to access specific areas such as storage cabinets, technical rooms, meeting rooms, etc. These keys are usually distributed to staff members who need access to these areas to perform their duties. 

Keys: For example, teacher keys are used to access classrooms. They are distributed to teachers to enable them to access their classroom and lock it after they leave.

It is important to keep an accurate file of the key distribution for each zone and to ensure that only authorized people have access to each zone. It is also important to regularly control access to sensitive areas to detect unauthorized access or inappropriate use of keys.

Emergency exits 

Emergency exits are an important part of fire safety in schools and their installation must be considered in advance and validated by the competent safety body. 

Emergency exits should be strategically located in the building to allow quick and efficient evacuation in the event of an emergency. They must be easily accessible from sensitive areas, such as classrooms, laboratories, the library, etc. 

They must also be clearly marked and signposted with clearly visible signs. Traffic signs must be placed so that they are easily identifiable from any position in the area concerned. 

In order to ensure that they are in good working order and that they can be opened quickly in the event of an emergency, the emergency exits must be checked regularly by the maintainer of the establishment.

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