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Key management in a town

Simplify key management

Located in the Seine valley, Igoville provides its 1,800 inhabitants with numerous buildings (town hall, school group, library, village hall, nursery, etc.) in which the various city services come and go. , providers but also local associations. So many municipal equipment that need to be secured and for which the management of sets of keys can quickly become a real headache. 

To remedy this, the community called on our expertise from Dény Security which, in addition to support in the design of their masterkey system, offered them a hybrid solution combining mechanical and electronic access control.

Simplify key management while gaining security

Like all municipalities, that of Igoville has several buildings with main exterior accesses and interior rooms that were previously locked in the ordinary way, which further multiplies the number of outfits to manage. 

Between the lost or unreturned passes which pose security problems, the difficulty was often to identify the correct key corresponding to the correct door, despite a dedicated cabinet with a numbering system.

But beyond that, the priority of Nathalie Breemeersch, mayor of Igoville, was, within the framework of the municipal safeguard plan, to be able to access any room at any time, and to open it very easily to intervene in if needed.

For a year, the municipal team then carried out a deep reflection to find the solution: "a universal key to open everything, almost magical" explains the mayor of the town with a smile.

Gestion des clés dans une mairie
Mairie | Pose d'un cylindre électronique

Control the perimeter of buildings thanks to autonomous access control

In order to protect access to municipal buildings, Optimal Lock Mifare® electronic cylinders are being installed on the main exterior entrances and linked to the Logyca access control software. Thanks to this, the key management team, made up of 3 people from the town hall, freely issues badges to people authorized to enter/exit according to predefined times. If there is a problem, it can quickly turn them off and check the event history.

The other advantage of this solution for the city lies in its simplicity and speed of implementation instead of the old locks. Completely autonomous, it does not require any cable to be pulled to the door (battery powered), which represents a significant saving in deployment costs.

Securing the interior ancillary accesses in mechanics

Inside municipal buildings, not all doors require electronic access control. This is why Dény Security recommended that the municipality of Igoville install the SATYX Twin® mechanical cylinder which, in addition to a very high combinatorial power thanks to 24 different coding elements, has two particularities:

  • a patented reversible key, with significant variations, which considerably reduces the risk of illegal copying, especially since any reproduction is subject to prior validation by the key management team, then carried out only by Dény Security. Another advantage, by simply adding a Clip Tag to the key ring, the 3 general passes lock/unlock all the locks, whether mechanical or electronic.
  • a 2-in-1 function, which in the event of loss or theft of the general pass or a partial pass, offers the possibility of ordering a 2nd set of all the keys to re-encode the cylinders, without changing them, and thus deactivate the misplaced key.
Mairie | Un accompagnement sur-mesure

Tailor-made support

To precisely define who can enter, where, when, with which key and also identify the number of passes required, Dény Security accompanied the team throughout the design of the mechanical flowchart.

In addition, it has the Logiclés software to consult online the latest version of the organization chart, the order history but above all to easily manage all the keyrings. No more keys not returned by an association for example!

From now on, each person who receives a pass is registered. In the event of non-return on the scheduled date, an alert is automatically sent by email or SMS.

Secure electronic key cabinet

the electronic key cabinet is a practical solution for storing and managing your sets of keys. With this cabinet, your keys are safe and easily accessible to your employees, ready to be shared according to the authorizations and schedules you have defined. Enjoy simplified management and increased peace of mind thanks to our reliable and efficient system.


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