How to secure a coworking space?

Case study of "Le Studio" coworking in Rouen

For several years, coworking spaces have been growing in popularity in France, particularly with start-ups, liberal professions and self-employed workers. Despite the health crisis, the flexibility offered by this type of establishment is an interesting alternative for companies between a gradual return to the office and a home office that is not always suitable. 

Latest example to date, the opening just after the deconfinement of the 2nd "Le Studio" Coworking in Rouen which, thanks to the connected solutions of Dény Security, manages to reconcile security of access and sanitary measures.

Coworking: reconciling well-being and safety at work

Ideally located in a building of individual housing in the heart of the historic center of Rouen, Le Studio Gros Horloge is a coworking space on a human scale imagined by a family trio of thirty-somethings from Rouen. With an assertive decoration, this 200 m2 area accommodates 5 private offices, a meeting room and common areas consisting of a large living room, an equipped kitchen and a private terrace.

Two levels of membership are offered:

  • a monthly subscription with closed office through which full-time members can access the Studio every day of the week, including weekends, 24 hours a day,
  • a minimum nomadic pass of 10 hours which authorizes its holders, irregular visitors, to use the common areas from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Access control: design & connected

This flexibility, key to the success of coworking spaces, requires setting up access control that facilitates the entry of members to their offices while guaranteeing the security of their property. To meet this challenge, Marine Legrand, co-founder of the Studio, was looking for a solution in line with the philosophy of the place. "Design, connected with an undeniable technical dimension", the products of Dény Security's Optimal security ecosystem met this requirement.

For one of the shared offices, the electric strike is controlled by a Logyca wall reader specially concealed in the partition to become completely invisible and thus respect the interior decoration of the place.

Contrôle d'accès : lecteur hall d'entrée anti-vandalisme
Vandal-resistant Logyca wall reader
Cylindre électronique pour Coworking
Optimal Lock electronic cylinder
Lecteur à badge mural dans la cloison : Coworking
Logyca wall reader concealed in the partition
Programmation serrure pour Coworking
Programming via mobile app

Flexible and fast access management

Equipped with their personalized card in the colors of the Studio, when customers arrive, all they have to do is point the magnetic badge containing their access authorizations in front of:

  • the Logyca anti-vandalism wall reader located at the entrance to the building,
  • and the Optimal Lock electronic cylinders with access control – free exit installed on the entrance door to the studio, as well as on the doors of the closed offices to unlock them.

" Dény Security products perfectly meet our security and access control needs for our new Coworking space.
And the installation of the products by their team is a real plus for us! "

Marine Legrand, Co-Founder Le Studio

Simplified access programming

Operating in offline mode, badge programming is simply done via a dedicated smartphone application. The authorized person within the Coworking Studio can thus easily activate/deactivate the cards in the event of loss or end of subscription. 

Another advantage, if a theft is committed within the premises of the establishment, the application allows you to consult the detailed history of entries (time, what access, etc.).

Anti-bacterial handle

Designed in stainless steel to be easy to clean with a virucidal product, and soon available with a bactericidal finish, the Optimal Lock cylinders and Optimal Hand handles also constitute a reassuring solution in the current context of health crisis, for both members and owners.

Locking lockers

Convinced by Dény Security's Optimal security ecosystem, the Studio Coworking team plans to duplicate the same installation in its 2nd space in the Old Market and add Optimal Locker connected locks to secure lockers and office furniture.