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DOMConnect Connect all accesses

DOMConnect® is the wireless access control solution that integrates with your existing access control software, regardless of the brand. It allows you to easily deploy a access control on all of your doors and access inside your building. The most difficult parts access or remote, but also those where the space would be expensive can also be equipped. DOMConnect® allows you to protect all access from your building.


  • A global and unique system DOMConnect® connects to all doors and other accesses equipped with Dény Security products via a wireless connection or via the DOMConnect® App (for products in offline mode). Manage and communicate with all of your locking devices built into your access control, such as cylinders electronic devices, controlled handles and connected locker readers, directly from the your access management system.
  • Mechanical keys become badges Thanks to DOMConnect®, you no longer need a network cable to connect your doors: you are free to replace mechanical cylinders by connected devices, and thus transform the security of your building into a fully connected and controlled locking system.
  • Flexibility By adopting DOMConnect® as your security system, you have extreme flexibility to secure your building thanks to the three programming modes available: Data on programming Card (compliant with the OSS standard), Online or Offline.
  • DOMConnect® is an inclusive platform, you can mix the three modes of programming (OSS / Data on Card, Online and Offline) for the management of all access to your building.

Suggested application of use

Airports, Coworking Spaces, Education, Financial, Hospitals, Industrial, Medium to Large Sized Businesses, Offices, Plants, Public Buildings, Small to Medium Sized Businesses


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