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Managing movements in airports

An airport site is a very extensive space with numerous access points and significant movements for boarding and disembarkation, which is a genuine logistical challenge for security.

Managing the movements of passengers and flight crews should be thought through down to the smallest details, with the same going for merchandise and luggage.

It is vital to configure a tailor-made security and access control system, in order to anticipate every scenario. In an airport, the smallest incident can assume a disproportionate scale.

Filtering access efficiently

The security and comfort of passengers and airport staff are the primary considerations for an access control system in an airport zone.

Our access control solutions enable you to strengthen security for sensitive areas, such as the control tower and offices, and equally in areas open to the public: hall, terminal, security checkpoint and boarding area.

A smart solution can make passenger and staff movements flow better, whilst ensuring security for all.

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