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The security of commercial buildings is important. Administrators should do everything they can to protect their assets. Accordingly, we offer access management systems. These allow them to protect their assets as far as possible.

What is access control?

As a general rule, access control consists of protecting physical or virtual data. It is an effective way of controlling the movement of persons entering and exiting a building. In fact, not everyone has the authorization required to access certain information. Thanks to access control, administrators can grant privileges depending on an employee’s level. There are various systems, whether for entrances to buildings or for digital data.

Various standalone and centralized systems

Security provision is different depending on the needs of the business. Accordingly, it is logical that several systems are made available to professional users. This guarantee enables them to have a high-performance access control system capable of protecting their information.

An extensive range of standalone or networked access control systems, using various technologies (Mifare/125Khz/DESFIRE), thus enables you to ensure your access points are locked and secure, together with the traceability of movements and intruder detection.

We similarly have an access management solution at your disposal. It enables monitoring of your installation, with doors monitored via an interface. Managing security in this way can be undertaken from several terminals.

Standalone access control

A standalone system handles access to the building at individual entrances and exits. It is simple and quick to manage, but highly reliable in securing a business environment and tracking people entering the premises.

Centralized access control

A centralized system, for its part, is sophisticated and is a recommended option in many cases. It allows several doors to be monitored and complex installations to be managed, where authorizations are to be given to some people and denied to others. This principle also allows for integration of schedules and access validity periods.

Connected locks & access control

While locking technology has always been evolving, it is only recently that it has become sufficiently smart for keys to be abandoned and replaced. Dény connected locks offer you keyless, phone-operated access control.

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Software to monitor access

In order to keep track of all these comings and goings, it is important that the access controls come with specific software. In this software, it is possible to find a large amount of information. Who enters the building, at what time is the badge activated, is this person authorized to open a specific door, is the system having a fault? The goal is to efficiently centralize all this data. Thus, the administrators will have a complete visual on the security of their building. Access control can be done via a code keypad, badge or proximity card.

Compatibility with your existing access control system

Our Optimal Box solution allows you to integrate into the existing access control system. Thus, you only have one software to manage all of your badges and cards, Rfid, mifare, ... You will be able to control your existing and future system, from the same management software. Its operation is multiple:

  • Off Line: using a smartphone and an APP to modify the rights.
  • On Line: you get real-time communication from all your connected devices.
  • Access On Card: you manage your access rights in your badges using the open protocol (OSS).

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Secure your access and maintain social distancing

Mobility and social interactions have been changing rapidly since the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses and hotels have to adapt to meet demands for social distancing, thus limiting the risks of the virus spreading. To control access to a door while preserving distance, an electronic solution such as badge reader, connected lock, proximity reader can be implemented. Thus, all these closing devices make it possible both to effectively secure the doors and to respect the sanitary protocol.

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