How to reduce health risks in the hotel industry?

NFC and BLE keyless smart lock

Following the unprecedented crisis of the COVID-19 epidemic, the consideration of health risks is particularly increased in the hotel industry. Professionals in the hotel market want to welcome guests in the best possible sanitary, hygienic and safety conditions, while always guaranteeing the comfort of guests.

In order to meet this requirement to protect guests and staff against the transmission of viruses, Dény's connected locking solutions specially designed for hotels are particularly suitable both in terms of the safety of goods and people and the optimisation of processes for the hotel market.

How does the contactless access system work in the hotel industry?

The smartphone access system developed by Dény responds to the challenge of limiting physical contact by allowing hotel guests to unlock their room door remotely, using a dedicated application. 

The system works in a few simple steps: 

  • The guest books a room with the hotelier.
  • The hotelier sends him access to the reserved dates by an automatic email, containing an application to download.
  • The customer downloads the Dény Axess application onto their smartphone.
  • Once the guest is near the room door, he launches the application and presses the open button.
  • The connected lock on the door unlocks and the guest can enter.

Protecting health while providing a digital customer experience

In addition to limiting health risks, the implementation of this connected lock access system improves the customer experience for guests.

Smoother guest reception

Indeed, as access to the room is already prepared in advance via a simple email communication and the downloading of the Dény Axess app, the waiting time at the reception during check-in is reduced, and human contact is reduced. This remote access also means less touching and handling of the lock and card.

Smart lock: NFC or BLE

Furthermore, the use of a connected lock facilitates the guest's experience of staying at a hotel, as they no longer have to worry about the card or badge, as their access rights are always with them, stored in their mobile phone. This connected access system using NFC or BLE technology is in line with the new uses of many travellers who book their journey as well as their stay at the hotel online, from their mobile.

Compatibility: transponder & card

And depending on individual preferences, opening by card is still possible. This is an opportunity for hoteliers to adapt intelligently to the new security challenges, by offering a different and innovative experience for guests.

73% of guests would prefer to skip the hotel reception!

In most cases, check-in is perceived as a hassle rather than as an added value to the hotel stay. With connected hotel locks, the time spent at the front desk will be reduced and your guests' expectations will be met.

The Smart Lock, an advantageous connected solution for hotel management.

Choosing a connected access solution such as the Narrow Fit hotel management system has several strategic advantages for the hotelier.

Smart Lock Hotel


Ease of use:

First of all, it means greater operational efficiency with faster check-in, reduced waiting time and consequently reduced staffing requirements: during a "late check-in", for example at night, the guest does not need a member of staff to be present at the reception desk to allow access to their room.

The connected access system itself represents a sustainable and reliable investment due to its high level of security, combined with ease of use: updates to the application are done automatically, and the hotelier does not have to manage a heavy infrastructure, nor a server or cloud.

No pay-as-you-go subscription:

Dény's "contactless" connected lock is therefore an ideal solution for access management in the hotel industry, both for the security and comfort of guests, as well as on a longer-term strategic level for the hotelier: it guarantees him total control of his system, is compatible with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) since no customer information is memorised, and all this without including any additional costs (no subscription or pay-per-use billing).

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