5 June 2018


A solution that makes it possible to secure a door using a number combination, the electronic lever handle plus keypad offers the advantage of only permitting access to those people who know the code, whilst reducing the use of keys or cards, which (depending on the establishment) can be numerous.
Specializing in access security, particularly through using electronic programming, Dény Security is now expanding its offering with EasyKEY, an access control system based on electronic lever handles fitted with a keypad.

A system combining flexibility and reliability

Compatible with any type of European DIN standard cylinder, EasyKEY from Dény Security is a code-operated electronic lever handle equipped with a numerical and braille keypad, capable of operating with combinations from 4 to 6 digits.

Thanks to its small footprint design and its stainless steel finish, EasyKEY integrates harmoniously with all security projects. Adaptable to most existing mortise locks, it can be fitted to all doors, both internal and external (where under shelter). Available in the form of a complete kit with lock and cylinder for a 40 mm door, it is also available in a lever-only version for fitting to already-installed mechanical locks.

Simply powered by an easily-replaced lithium battery, EasyKEY is fitted without needing any wiring and has a battery life of at least 2 years, or for around 40,000 operations, assuming 8-12 door openings per day.

Flexible access control

Once the master code has been modified during commissioning, the administrator can easily program up to 150 different codes, adding to them, modifying them or canceling them at any time. To open a door fitted with an EasyKEY lever handle, all that is then needed is for each user to punch in the code assigned to him/her on the numerical keypad and press button A to unlock the entrance for 3 seconds, before the door automatically locks again. If set to open access mode, EasyKEY also offers the option of keeping the lock open until the code is re-entered.

During use, operation is accompanied by audible and illuminated signals confirming to the user that the code has been correctly entered.
After 5 consecutive, incorrect attempts at entering the code, the system automatically locks out for 1 minute.

As a practical feature, a low battery signal is displayed on the handle once the threshold of the last 500 openings is reached, allowing the administrator to quickly replace the battery, whilst having the reassurance that the precious user codes are retained - these are stored in the EasyKEY system memory.
Electronic and mechanical solution

Being highly efficient, the EasyKEY coded electronic lever handle from Dény Security is proving particularly attractive for easily organizing access to public or private establishments, whatever the sector, and to protecting restricted areas such as offices, reserved areas or private areas. This solution will doubtless also win over all those wishing to opt for a mixed system combining electronic and mechanical locks.

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