LSS range: a complete range of high security locks

15 June 2022


A specialist in access security, Dény Security has recognized know-how in the protection of all types of installations. To guarantee a high level of security at all sites, from the simplest to the most demanding, whatever the sector (tertiary, industrial, etc.), the French manufacturer is now enriching its range of LSS locks with new versions mechanical.

A universal range of high security

Highly reliable, the LSS range from Dény Security consists of multipoint locks fitted with a European profile cylinder or a Dény round profile cylinder. They are equipped with 2 to 9 side locking points as required (provided by 22 mm round deadbolts) and an anti-bounce latch that keeps the door closed in the event of a power cut. Offering a high level of security, LSS locks are self-protected, i.e. cannot be removed with the door closed. Likewise, their anti-saw bolts provide effective protection against any break-in attempt.

Completely reversible (left/right, pull/push) without disassembly, the locks of the LSS range, all stainless steel, can be installed on the wall on all types of wood, metal, aluminum or PVC door, solid or narrow profile, thanks to their two overall widths (60 mm or 90 mm).

Certified EN1627 - EN1630 when they are implemented on armored doorsets from Dény Security's partner manufacturers (Afimès, Doortal, Eliot, Baumert...), the locks then have a burglary resistance ranging from level CR4 to CR6.

A reliable answer for all

Until now only available in a motorized version, the LSS range is now also available in:

  • mechanical with a standard operating mode (locking the lock with the key on each side) or free exit on the interior side by pressing the handle or turning the knob,

  • mechanical with automatic bolt ejection which benefits from the same characteristics with, in addition, automatic re-locking of the lock each time the door is closed.

With handle or button, these new mechanical references, therefore without cable pulling, are ideal for offering the security of a multipoint lock to isolated sites or installations that do not require a high level of security.

Our LSS range


Motorized LSS optimal protection for high-risk sites

In its motorized version, the Dény Security LSS lock offers even more possibilities thanks to three operating modes:

  • standard where the handle only activates the latch bolt,
  • mechanical free exit on the interior side by handle or button,
  • free exit electrically condemned with a handle controlled on the inside.

In "free exit" and condemned, the motorized LSS lock operates in negative security to guarantee permanent locking even in the event of a power cut, while allowing evacuation in the event of an emergency thanks to the free exit. Intelligent thanks to its integrated electronic management card, it can also have, as an option, over-locking which prevents any operation of the lock, a technical point specific to the banking sector. It is also possible to connect several motorized LSS locks to perform airlock functions.

With the new mechanical models of the LSS lock, Dény Security offers a complete range to effectively and durably protect any site, sensitive or not, whatever the configuration. An NFS 61-937 approved version completes the range and authorizes their installation, in Establishments Receiving the Public, on emergency exit doors as an Actuated Safety Device

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LSS range: a complete range of high security locks

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