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EN 1670

Resistant to extreme conditions

Certain doors or hatches located on isolated buildings can sometimes be subjected to severe tests, both in terms of security but also given the immediate environment in which they are situated.

Accordingly, in environments where the meteorological conditions are difficult (coastal locations, DOMTOM (French overseas departments and territories), wind farms, etc.) or in corrosive environments (chlorine, wet and saline environments), ensuring that doors are closed can prove a complex business, if the closure mechanism is not corrosion-resistant.

The NF EN 1670 standard

This European standard defines the specific requirements with regard to corrosion resistance of hardware used in doors, windows, closures and curtain walls.
It establishes a method of classification based on the performance of the relevant construction hardware items in neutral salt spray tests (EN ISO 9227).

Accordingly, it identifies 5 grades of corrosion resistance (from 1 to 5, where 5 represents the highest level of resistance) depending on the various conditions of use.

Salt spray test

The salt spray test or salt mist test is the most widely-found method of evaluation for determining the corrosion resistance of various metal materials.
Placed in a test chamber, parts are tested using vaporization of a saline solution that attacks the material. Based on their reaction to this attack, the degree of resistance of these parts will be classified using the NF EN 1670 standard previously mentioned.

Examples of applications


Security on petrochemical sites

Petrochemical facilities

Electricity facilities

Electricity facilities

Stainless steel lock for coastal areas

Coastal areas

Water utilities

Stainless steel solutions from Dény Security

Using these results, we have developed a range of specific products geared to resisting these climatic and corrosive constraints.

Manufactured in 316 and 316L stainless steel, these products are tested using the NF EN 1670 standard, and in some cases will resist salt spray for over 1000 hours, thus achieving Grade 5 performance, which is the highest grade under the standard.

In addition to their corrosion resistance, our full stainless steel locks and cylinder locks perform equally well in terms of high security, thus offering a high-performance solution under extreme conditions over time and in defiance of the prevailing climate.



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