Managing sets of keys

How do I manage sets of keys?

Given the range of roles (branch manager, counter staff, customer advisors, cleaners, ATM re-stockers, cash transporters, etc.) likely to be on site in a bank, drawing up a key management chart seems vital in ensuring proper management of people's movements.

Moreover, on each existing electrical lock, a mechanical cylinder is also present, from which it follows that these need to be protected and managed for optimum protection of the various access points.

Management by branch

Managing the variety of access authorizations within even a single bank branch can rapidly become a headache, given the various categories of people able to have access to the staff-side bank door, offices, technical rooms, letterboxes or  even to the restricted operations area.

In fact, throughout the day spaces become busy with customer reception staff, asset management advisors, cleaners, external companies coming to deposit their mail or deposits, cash transporters and external personnel.

The key management chart then makes it possible to ensure access security, by ensuring each individual has the right pass or key to access the area reserved for him/her, or for access to be denied if applicable.

Management by region

Given the regional organization of banks, it is not uncommon for a single maintenance and security manager to be designated for a region, having over 300 banks in his/her area of responsibility.

Accessing a branch in such a situation without having established a key management chart becomes a complex affair.

Establishing a key management chart allows that manager to have just one pass which gives him/her access to all bank branches under his/her responsibility while, at the same time, the branch manager has a master pass just for his/her branch.

A mix of mechanical and electronic

An electronic management system using cylinder locks and/or monitored lever handles can also be used to supplement the mechanical organizational system installed and interfaced with the central intruder detection system.

This easy-to-implement equipment - either standalone or networked - can be fitted to any access point where a heightened level of security is required.

This then allows filtering and traceability of movements through the most sensitive doors, such as the door to a bank, restricted operations area, or access to credit card drawers, etc.

The manager can then grant access based on predefined hourly and/or daily schedules, and can cancel passes at any time if they are lost or not returned.

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