Smart Lock

Smart Lock for vacation rental properties!

Smart Lock: Dény Tapkey

When on vacation, we all know that the exchange of keys between the owner and the vacationer is not always easy. When the owner can't be at the vacation rental property, it's not uncommon for them to ask a friend to become a sort of concierge just for the weekend.

Thanks to the arrival of Smart objects, welcoming guests to your vacation rental property has been completely transformed. In fact, our traditional locks are suited to becoming smart and can thereby make the exchange of keys for short stay vacations a lot easier.

Your key is now computerized

With the Dény Tapkey Smart lock, a simple email address is all you need to activate access to your property and transmit that to the vacationer. This is a real advantage for short-stay lets between private persons, as no physical presence is required in order to hand over the keys. Our smart lock meets the requirements for the "Independent Arrival" option offered by the Airbnb platform.

Access automatically disabled

Access to your vacation rental property can be scheduled and disabled automatically at the end of the stay by your renters. This is an added advantage when faced with coded locks which use the same code repeatedly for past and future clients alike.

No more lost keys!

Unlike with key boxes, our connected lock is an excellent way to avoid keys being lost or forgotten by your renters: a significant saving in terms of time and money!

Smart lock: How does it work?

Identify the future renter by their email

Schedule opening times when people can access the property

Send the door opening authorization code remotely

Access by the current renter during the booked period

Connected, but also protected

Dény Security has developed a Euro cylinder which connects to your Smartphone, making it easy to welcome your vacationers and above all to ensure the security of your vacation rental property. Whereas most solutions operate using wi-fi or Bluetooth, the DÉNY Tapkey uses NFC & BLE technologies, taking advantage of a truly protected system.

Because protecting people, but also assets, is a major security challenge, all our products offer a heightened level of security, together with powerful encryption.

Moreover, our robust and high-quality range of mechanical products, combined with innovative electronic components, is a guarantee of the reliability and durability of our products.

The benefits of NFC & of BLE

The benefits of NFC & of BLE

  • Low energy consumption, thanks to RFID.
  • Heightened security, thanks to contactless technology.
  • Fast reading.
  • Heightened encryption, for better security.
  • Access authorization visible on the smartphone screen.

Benefits of the app: Dény Tapkey

Benefits of the app

  • Smart and virtual key-ring.
  • Downloads easily, and in complete security.
  • Use of Google IDs offers a high degree of security.
  • Access rights become invalid after a defined period, unless updated.
  • Heightened level of security for your online data, using a high-performance server based in Europe.
  • Display of the last three events.
  • In the event of a malfunction or theft of your device, all you need to do is to disable it using your Google IDs or your Tapkey account.

How do you install our Smart lock?

Possible uses of Smart Lock

Businesses & SME/SMIs

Town halls & local authorities

Holiday lettings & Airbnb

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